3D Printers Trade In

將自己部舊iPhone trade-in 部新iPhone是常識吧!但係大家有冇諗過3D打印機都可以 trade-in 呢?

好多朋友對我哋最新嘅3D打印機大感興趣,但係屋企/公司有部舊嘅,已經唔夠用,但係掉咗又覺得好浪費。依家大家唔使再苦腦啦!Beets正式推出破天荒全港第一個3D打印機Trade-In 計劃,大家可以將不再合用的3D打印機(好壞皆可)Trade-In給我們,我們除了會提供非常豐厚的折扣讓你購買新機外,還會有專人免費替你回收舊機。另外MakerBot, XYZprinting及FlashForge打印機更可享特高優惠!



When a new iPhone is released, everyone knows how to deal with his/her old one: trade them in! Now, do you know you can trade in your 3D printer as well?

You may be interested in our newest 3D printer products. However you may have one already in your home/office which is outdated - but not old enough to be abandoned. Now you don't have such worry as we are happy to offer Hong Kong's first 3D printers Trade-In programme. You can know trade in your old 3D printer (regardless of whether it's still functional) to us and apart from offering you a generous discount for purchasing our products, we will also provide a free collection service for your old printer. In addition, we offer special discount for MakerBot, XYZprinting and FlashForge printers trade-in.

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