3D Printing Materials


High quality materials is one of the most important factor affecting 3D printing quality. Here you can find products from most renowned manufacturer at the best available prices!

Formfutura 是來自荷蘭的3D打印物料製造商,除了一般用的ABS及PLA外,她還提供了如木質、金屬、石質、彈性等特殊材料。

Formfutura is a high quality and innovative 3D printing filament manufacturer from the Netherlands. Apart from typical materials like ABS and PLA, it also offers special filaments like wood, metal, stone, flexible materials, etc.



Verbatim 3D打印物料是由日本三菱化學媒體株式會社(Mitsubishi Kaguku Media)全資附屬子公司威寶出品的高質素物料,使用進口原材料,並且以最嚴謹的工序進行生產,絕非一般劣質材料可比。

Verbatim 3D printing filament is a high quality material manufactured by Verbatim, a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Kaguku Media Japan. It is produced under tightly controlled process with imported raw materials and its quality cannot be matched from other filament brands.




High quality made by ZMorph, the multi-tool 3D printer manufacturer. 100% Made in Europe.


Photocentric Daylight Resin 是專為 Liquid Crystal 3D打印機而特別配製的Polymer打印材料,並且適用於其他可見光LCD光固化印機。

Photocentric UV Laser Resin是可供如Formlabs Form 1/1+/2等405nm激光SLA打印機用的打印材料。

Photocentric Daylight Resin is tailored made for Liquid Crystal 3D printers. It can also be used on other LCD powered daylight resin based 3D printers.

Photocentric UV Laser Resin is compatible with laser printers operated at 405nm (e.g. Formlabs Form 1/1+/2)


適用於3Doodler Start的環保塑膠補充材料,每包材料內有24支約15cm長的塑膠材料。

Environment friendly refill materials for 3Doodler Start. Each pack contains 24 strands of plastics (~15cm each)