3D Printing Service

沒有3D Printer但又想用3D打印技術解決你工作或生活上的問題?歡迎大家採用我們的3D打印服務。

Want to 3D print something but don't have a 3D Printer? Welcome to our 3D Printing Service!

DLP 3D Printing Service

我們的Photocentric Liquid Crystal MagnaLiquid Crystal Precision 3D Printer可以打印出精細、準確和高質的成品,Magna的龐大打印體積更可進行小批量生產,讓大家以合理的成本獲得最好的3D打印服務。

Our Photocentric Liquid Crystal Magna and Liquid Crystal Precision 3D Printer can produce precise 3D printing objects with high quality and accuracy. Magna's generous printing volume can also provide small scale mass production service with an extremely competitive price.

Liquid Crystal Precision 3D Printer Print Sample

FDM 3D Printing Service

如果你只是想打印試作樣板,又或者個人用途,可以考慮我們價格相宜的FDM普通打印服務。我們採用ZMorph VXCraftBot XL 3D打印機進行打印,除了一般的PLA或ABS的塑膠材料外,大家也可以選擇其他特殊材料

If you just need to print a prototype or for personal use, you can consider our highly affordable FDM 3D Printing Service. We will be using our ZMorph VX or CraftBot XL 3D Printer to print. Apart from the common PLA or ABS plastic, you can also choose from a wide variety of special materials.


Interested? Feel free to contact us and after understanding more on your requirements, we will propose the best solution and price quotation.