3D Printers

Whether you are a starter, a professional maker or have 3D printing needs in business, you can find the most suitable 3D printers here. Our products include beginner to professional 3D printers. We also have powerful multi-purpose 3D printer and professional 3D Food printer. Moreover, we provides Hong Kong first 3D Printer Trade-In service to allow existing 3D printer owners upgrade to the latest models as needed.

Feeling lost? Check out our 3D Printer Buying Guide!

Industrial Models

Good for prototyping and small scale production, the products below offers large print volume, versatility for different materials and excellent stability. Please also refer to our 3D Printer Buying Guide for Industrial Use


Food Printing

Food Printing is one of the most popular use of 3D printing technology. Catering professionals, schools and household users can all made delicious cuisines with the food printers below.