3D Printing Materials

High quality filaments and materials is one of the most important factor affecting 3D printing quality. Here you can find products from most renowned manufacturer and we have common materials (PLA/ABS/PETG), flexible materials (TPU/TPE), engineering plastic (ASA/Nylon), etc at the best available prices.

Formfutura is a high quality and innovative 3D printing filament manufacturer from the Netherlands. Apart from typical materials like ABS and PLA, it also offers special filaments like wood, metal, stone, flexible materials, etc.


Mosaic PLA filament is manufactured with tight tolerances for exceptional print quality. Works for most FDM printers in the market and out of the box with Mosaic Palette. Tuned to print with Canvas


Verbatim 3D printing filament is a high quality material manufactured by Verbatim, a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Kaguku Media Japan. It is produced under tightly controlled process with imported raw materials and its quality cannot be matched from other filament brands.


High quality made by ZMorph, the multi-tool 3D printer manufacturer.


Photocentric Daylight Resin is tailored made for  Liquid Crystal 3D Printer. It can also be used on other LCD powered daylight resin based 3D printers.

Photocentric UV Laser Resin is compatible with laser printers operated at 405nm (e.g. Formlabs Form 1/1+/2)


Plastic Sheets for 3Doodler Start. Each pack contains 24 strands of plastic of around 15cm.