Formfutura Summer Sale 夏日大優惠

Formfutura一向以出產不同特色的3D打印材料見稱,除了一般用PLA and ABS外,她們有例如木質的EasyWood、石質的StoneFil、彈性材料FlexiFil和工業級材料ApolloX等。為了鼓勵大家多嘗試不同材料,大家在7月31日前在Beets網上訂購任何Formfutura產品,在購物車付款時輸入FFJULY優惠碼(見下圖),即可享有九折優惠!

Formfutura is well known by it's large variety of special 3D printing filaments. Apart from commonly used PLA and ABS, they also have wood-filled EasyWood, stone-filled StoneFil, flexible materials FlexiFil, engineering plastic ApolloX, etc. To encourage everyone to try different types of materials, you can now enjoy a 10% discount when ordering any Formfutura products on our website online. Just enter the promotion code "FFJULY" when you checkout from shopping cart (see below) and discount will be applied automatically.