Photocentric Liquid Crystal 3D Printer

Liquid Crystal是一個非常簡單的概念:利用LCD顯示屏發出的光線,令特別配制的感光打印液體固化,成為3D打印物件。市面其他SLA/DLP 3D打印機都是以極強的普通光線和UV光線進行打印,而Photocentric則製造出世界上敏感的日光感光液體,令打印所需光線強度大大減低,帶來了極大的好處。

由於採用了一般電子產品常用的LCD顯示屏,令打印機可以以較低成本生產,所以Liquid Crystal價格遠比同級的SLA/DLP打印機低。另外,極低的光線強度亦減少了多餘雜光的出現,避免了過度曝光。有了Liquid Crystal的技術,高精度及大型的3D打印再不是遙不可及的夢想!

Liquid Crystal is a very simple concept – use the daylight emitted from an LCD screen to polymerise resin that is tailored to that wavelength and intensity. All other 3D printers that polymerise resin use a combination of both daylight and UV light at considerably higher intensities. Photocentric has been able to make this work by developing the world’s most sensitive daylight resins. The power of this idea is profound. What might seem to be disadvantages- that it works solely in daylight and it works with orders of magnitude lower intensities of light are actually its greatest strengths.

Utilising mass produced screens designed for use in mobiles, handheld devices enable us to use the highest resolution screens, offering phenomenal value for money, which we can then pass onto our customers. The very low intensity luminance from these screens, an order of magnitude lower than produced by digital light projectors and lasers, means there is no scattered light to create unwanted overcure – light used to harden a layer is simply absorbed at that depth and not passed on.

The opportunities are limitless; higher and higher resolution screens becoming available in all formats from mobiles to large format televisions provide the lowest cost imaging systems ever imagined.

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