Photocentric Troubleshooting

Photocentric Liquid Crystal 3D打印機使用可見光固化技術,所以當遇到打印問題時,慣用FDM打印機的用家可能會不知道如何解決。這一個Photocentric精心設計疑難解決專頁,提供了大部分常見問題的解決方法,大家除了可以利用它解決問題外,也可以深入了解更多光固化技術詳情。


Photocentric Liquid Crystal 3D Printer is a daylight resin based printer. For most users with an FDM printer background, it may be difficult for them to deal with printing issue. This trouble shooting guide, carefully prepared by Photocentric, lists most common printing problems and their solutions. Apart from solving their problems, users can also understand more on resin based printing technology.