Mosaic Palette 2S/2S Pro: Multicolor Multimaterial 3D Print


Mosaic Palette 2S/2S PRO MultiColor/MultiMaterial 3D打印裝置,讓你把四色材料合成注入3D打印機內,創造充滿色彩的3D打印成品。

Mosaic Palette 2S/2S PRO MultiColor/MultiMaterial 3D Printing device allows you to combine four filaments and feed into your 3D printer. It takes your builds to a whole new level.



Mosaic Palette令你的3D打印機可以同時利用不同材料進行打印,你可以把最多四種不同的3D打印線材注入Mosaic Palette內,它會在適當位置轉換線材,製作成一條單一多色線材,再注入你的3D打印機內,讓它在無需任何改裝情況下,進行多色打印。

Mosaic Palette 2S/2S PRO是Mosaic Palette 2/2 PRO的更新版,比上一代速度更快和更容易使用,想了解新版本的升級功能,可以參考官方網頁


Mosaic Palette unlocks your 3D printing potential with the most reliable multi-material printing experience. You can feed up to 4 filaments into your Mosaic Palette. It splices the filaments at various points, turning it into 1 filament which it feeds into your printer. Turn your printer into multi-color and multi-material without any modifications.

Mosaic Palette 2S/2S PRO is the upgraded version of Mosaic Palette 2/2 PRO which provide even better performance and easier to use. Check out what's new in the new version from the official website.

- 即插即用,無需煩覆設定。

- 彩色觸碰式操作屏幕,支援內置漸變(Gradient)及圖案(Pattern)模式。

- 混合使用不同材料,例如PLA或PETG和支撐物料解決懸空打印問題。

- 利用PETG打印耐熱及防水的物件。

- 混合不同TPU打印。

- Easy plug-n-play setup.

- Color touchscreen includes built-in Gradient and Pattern modes.

- Combine different types of materials together, like PLA or PETG with Breakaway support to make challenging overhangs a problem of the past. 

- Make heat- and water-resistant models in four colors of durable PETG.

- Create functional, end-user products by combining TPU with TPU.

Palette 2S PRO

- 鋁製Splice Core S Pro提升冷卻效率令速度提升20%

- 額外部件提供最佳效能和保養。

- 全黑外殼。

- 提供兩年保養及額外零件。

Palette 2S PRO

- All aluminum Splice Core S Pro allows for up to 20% faster splicing and cooling, improving the overall print time

- Additional parts to ensure optimal performance and maintenance

- Sleek all-black casing

- Includes many spare parts and 2-year warranty

Mosaic CANVAS Hub


- 保養期: Palette 2S - 12個月, Palette 2S PRO - 24個月

- 支援大部分FDM 3D打印機

- 香港地區免費送貨

Other Information:

- Warranty Period: Palette 2S - 12 months, Palette 2S Pro - 24 months

- Support most FDM 3D Printers

- Free shipping in HKSAR

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Palette 2S, Palette 2S Pro