ZMorph Materials


The Widest Range of Engineering Materials on the Market

ZMorph VX多功能3D打印機讓您使用50多種專業材料,由3D打印用的塑膠以至CNC用的輕金屬和硬膠等,以增材或減材方法製作不同的產品,絕非一般單一3D打印機可比較

Expand your manufacturing capabilities with access to over 50 professional materials both for subtractive and additive manufacturing. From plastics filament for 3D printing to soft metals and hard plastics for CNC, ZMorph VX Multi-tool 3D Printer offers materials inaccessible to single-purpose 3D printers.


3D Printing Materials

3D Printing Materials

ZMorph VX的開放式3D打印材料設計,支援差不多所有市場上供應的材料,包括TPE, PC/ABS, PET-G, PVA, PLA, ABS, Nylon等

With Open Filament System ZMorph VX supports almost any 3D printing filament available on the market. Enjoy hassle-free 3D printing with materials like TPE, PC/ABS, PET-G, PVA, PLA, ABS, Nylon and more.



CNC Milling Materials


Create precision parts and components with a wide range of materials including Carbon, ABS, Nylon, PET, Aluminum, Brass, chemical woods, machining wax and more.



Laser Cutting & Engraving Materials

ZMorph VX Laser PRO工具頭讓你以非常精細的技術切割或蝕刻部件,配合CNC PRO工具頭更多製作獨特的PCB電路板作不同項目之用。

Turn ZMorph VX into a laser cutter and use it to customize and mark parts and components. Combine laser with CNC and create unique PCBs ready to be used for the advanced projects.