Micro 3D Printer


Micro 3D Printer 系列是真正設計給一般消費者使用的3D打印機,用家無需任何3D打印經驗,只需把打印機連接電腦,下載模型,按「Print」,便可正式投入3D打印帶來無盡可能的精彩世界!此外,小巧及簡約的機身設計亦令它成為一般家居使用的最佳選擇!

The Micro 3D Printer series is a true consumer focus 3D printer product lines. You don’t need to have any prior experience or knowledge. Just connect the printer to a computer, load a model and hit “Print”, and then the magic of 3D printing begins. The compact size and simplistic design of the printer made it an ideal choice for a typical family use.

Micro Plus 3D Printer

Micro Plus (M3D+)是最新推出的M3D第二代版本,她承繼了第一代簡單易用及精緻小巧的設計,並且大幅提升打印速度和多項新功能

Micro Plus (M3D+) 3D Printer is the newest 2nd Generation of M3D. It inherits the ease of use and compact design of M3D and has major improvements on print speed and additional features

Micro Pro 3D Printer

Micro Pro 3D Printer (M3D Pro) 是M3D打印機的專業版本,它承繼了M3D簡單易用的優點,配合上多項強大的升級功能,讓用家以大眾化價錢獲得前所未有的優質3D打印經驗!

Micro Pro 3D Printer (M3D Pro) is the professional version of M3D. It inherits M3D’s user friendliness and added to it are numerous powerful upgraded features. Everyone can now enjoy the best 3D printing experience with a very affordable price tag!