Micro 3D Printer (M3D) Crystal Clear Limited Edition



This fully transparent M3D Crystal Clear Limited Edition is not just a highly capable 3D printer, but also an art masterpiece with a modern simplistic design. Get it now and bring your home or office into the future!

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Micro 3D (M3D): 屬於一家大細的3D打印機

Micro 3D (M3D): 3D Printer for Everyone


Let your Imagine go Wild. Print Anything


“…this machine is a winner that I can recommend it without reservation” – Computerworld.


“The M3D Micro is a perfect entry level 3D printer due to its ease of use, plug-n-play ability, sleek looks, small footprint, and excellent customer support. It’s also great for anyone looking for a 3D printer that can reliably produce quality prints.” – 3D Printing Industry


“The M3D Micro is the most affordable consumer-ready 3D printer we’ve seen yet.” – makeuseof,com



我們特別從美國引入Micro 3D打印機 (M3D),目的就是要改變這現象。

M3D是一部真正設計給一般消費者使用的3D打印機,用家無需任何3D打印經驗,只需把M3D連接電腦,下載模型,按「Print」,便可正式投入3D打印帶來無盡可能的精彩世界!不相信?立即看看我們示範如何打印一個iPhone docking station


  • 配備了獨有的Micro Motion Technology™,讓用家無需顧慮3D打印各種複雜參數即可進行打印 。
  • 小巧輕便,機身大小只有18.5cm x 18.5cm x 18.5cm,淨重只約1kg,特別適合地少人多的香港家庭使用。
  • 特別的隔熱打印頭設計及非發熱式打印床,令使用時更加安全和更省電。
  • 自動調節打印床水平度及打印溫度,大大提升打印成功率。
  • 支援PLA (推薦初學者及家庭使用)及ABS打印。
  • 支援M3D 3D Ink™ PLA 打印材料(建議所有用家使用)或其他廠商材料(建議有經驗用家使用)。
  • 簡單易用的專屬打印軟件,支援Windows及Mac OSX。
  • 原廠美國製造。


  • M3D打印機水晶透明限量版一部。
  • 原裝3D Ink™ PLA隨機顏色打印材料一卷 (0.5磅重,約可打印40-50件2.5吋高的物件)。
  • 220V電源。
  • USB接駁線。
  • 使用說明書。
  • 1年免費保養。
  • 香港地區免費送貨。

M3D, 3D Ink, and Print Anything 是M3D LLC, Fulton MD的註冊商標。


3D Printer is normally being seen as a complicated and expensive machine with a huge footprint. As a result, even though it is a highly exciting technology, very people in Hong Kong have access to it. Such phenomenon does no good to foster creativity for both adults and children.

We want to change this and so we introduce Micro 3D (M3D) from the United States to Hong Kong.

M3D is a true consumer focus 3D printer. You don’t need to have any prior experience or knowledge. Just connect the printer to a computer, load a model and hit “Print”, and then the magic of 3D printing begins.

Key Features of M3D

  • It’s unique Micro Motion Technology™ let user to start printing without setting any complicated parameters.
  • A highly compact machine body size of just 18.5cm x 18.5cm x 18.5cm and weighs about 1kg. Perfect for Hong Kong!
  • Fully enclosed extruder and non heated printing platform. Safe and energy efficient.
  • Automatic bed levelling and print temperature control.
  • Support PLA (recommended for beginners and family use) and ABS
  • Support M3D 3D Ink™ PLA filament and third party filaments (for advanced users)
  • Dedicated and easy to use printing software supporting Windows and Mac OSX.
  • Made in US.

Package Content:

  • M3D Printer Crystal Clear Limited Edition
  • 1 Original 3D Ink™ PLA of random colours (0.5lb for printing about 40-50 objects of about 2.5″ high).
  • 220V Power Adaptor.
  • USB Cable.
  • User Manual.
  • 1 Year Warranty.
  • Free Shipping in Hong Kong.

M3D, 3D Ink, and Print Anything are registered trademarks of M3D LLC, Fulton MD.


Additional information

顔色 Colours

橙色 Orange, 白色 White, 綠色 Green, 藍色 Blue, 黑色 Black


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