Mycusini 3D Choco Printer


Mycusini 3D Choco Printer 讓你輕鬆地用朱古力製作漂亮的文字訊息的,大家並且可以免費使用大量3D模型範本,以最簡單的方法創造色香味俱全的朱古力精品。

Mycusini 3D Choco Printer lets you easily create beautiful text messages in choco and provide free access to a huge template library and easy operation.

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mycusini® 讓大家以簡單的方式實現一個朱古力的夢想!只需將特别配製,帶有真正香草風味的3D Choco Refill放入mycusini®中,預熱幾分鐘,便可以立即讓你製作出色香味俱全的朱古力精品。 每部mycusini®均已隨機附送一套3D Choco Refill,讓你可以即時大展身手!


完全免費的mycusini® Club軟件提供了100多個經過嚴謹測試的3D模型,您還可以使用不同的字體編寫文字,並可以自由繪製圖案。所有的創作都會自動轉換為適合打印的檔案, 所有必需的設置已經預先設定好。因此,您不需要任何軟件或CAD知識,只需像在Word中一樣書寫或在畫版上繪製即可。


With mycusini® we want to give the user an opportunity to realize Choco dreams in a simple way. Powered by 3D Choco Refill – just insert it into the mycusini®, preheat it for a few minutes and off you go. Also, in taste it is a pleasure, refined with a touch of real vanilla. Each mycusini® comes with a sample pack containing several 3D Choco refills. Trust us – we are sure you will get the taste.


The FREE mycusini® Club software gives you access to over 100 tested templates. You also have the opportunity to write text messages using different fonts and to draw freely by hand. All your creations are automatically converted into a file suitable for the 3D Choco printing. All necessary settings are preset already. So, you do not need any software or CAD knowledge, just writing like in Word or drawing like Doodle.