Procusini 4.0 Food Printer


Procusini 4.0食物打印機是一個完整的即插即用3D食品打印系統,讓個人或專業廚房在不同食材上發揮無盡創意!

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(請注意: 本品牌原稱為Bocusini,廠商於2018起更改成為Procusini,產品功能及規格維持不變。)


Procusini 4.0食物打印機是一個完整的即插即用3D食品打印系統,讓個人或專業廚房在不同食材上發揮無盡創意!

Procusini 4.0擁有一個非常簡單的用戶界面,您可以使用原廠特別配制的Procusini Refills食材 (朱古力、杏仁膏、翻糖、意式麵食),又或者在獲得更多經驗後使用您自己的食材。 除此之外,您可以在Procusini Club中免費使用各項專業但簡單易用的應用程式。

Procusini 4.0可以在幾分鐘完成設定,一切操作均是透過無線網路在電腦或平板電腦上進行,無需安裝額外的軟件。



- Procusini 4.0食物打印機主機 (單頭或雙頭)
- 打印及清洗配件
- 打印台
- Procusini Refill: 杏仁膏 (85g) x 4
- Procusini Refill: 朱古力 (75g) x 4
- Procusini Refill: 意式麵食 (45g) x 4
- 12個月免費保用
- 香港地區免費送貨

(Note: Previously known as Bocusini, the brand name of this product has been changed to Procusini in 2018. The product functionality and specifications remains unchanged)

About Procusini

Procusini 4.0 Food Printer is an universal Plug & Play 3D food printing solution for the creative and personal creation of food in bakery, confectionary, catering and the professional kitchen.

Procusini 4.0 Food Printer has an intuitive user interface and you can use it with Procusini Refills –(Chocolate, Marzipan, Fondant, Pasta) or your own food materials once you gain more experience. Beyond that, you receive access to various applications in Procusini Club as Procusini owner.

Procusini 4.0 Food Printer is ready to go in a few minutes and all handling is made from a WLAN capable computer or tablet. There is no need for additional software.

100% Import from Germany

Package Contents

- Procusini 4.0 Food Printer (Single or Dual Printing Heads)
- Printing and Cleaning Accessories
- Printing Plate x 1
- Procusini Refills: Marzipan (85g) x 4
- Procusini Refills: Chocolate (75g) x 4
- Procusini Refills: Pasta (45g) x 4
- FREE 12 month warranty
- FREE delivery in HKSAR

Food Gallery

朱古力 Chocolate

杏仁膏 Marzipan

翻糖 Fondant

意式麵食 Pasta

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Printing Heads

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