Rent a ZMorph

ZMorph 2.0SX被稱為是一部太空船上的3D打印機,除了擁有超越3D打印以外的多項功能外,它的流線形及充滿未來氣息的設計更贏得了媲美Apple產品設計的評價。這件美貌與智慧並重的高科技產品,絕對可以大大提高各項推廣或展覽活動的人氣和話題度,讓活動添上濃厚的科技色彩!

Rent a ZMorph是讓各式私人或公開推廣活動租用ZMorph 3D打印機的一站式服務,透過了解活動主辦者的目標和實際需要,我們會提供一個完整的租用及支援方案,讓客戶把最新的3D打印科技引進活動之內。我們的服務範圍包括:

- 活動可行性設計及顧問

- 租用ZMorph 2.0SX 3D打印機

- 運送、安裝及有關軟件設定

- 活動期間技術支援

- 活動工作人員訓練

- 3D模型設計及打印測試





ZMorph 2.0SX was said to be belonged to a spaceship. Apart from her capabilities of more than just 3D printing, her curved and futuristic design has won the praise of comparing to Apple's product design. This beautiful and powerful product can surely enhance the publicity of all kinds of promotion and exhibition activities and bring a strong scientific flavour to them.

Rent a ZMorph is a one stop shop rental service for private or public promotional events. By understanding the activity organisers' objectives and needs, we provide a complete rental and support solution to help our customers to bring ZMorph to their activities. Our service includes:

- Activity feasibility design and consultancy.

- Rental of ZMorph 2.0SX 3D Printer

- Delivery, installation and software setup

- Support service during the event

- Staff training

- 3D model design and test print


Reference public activities:

East Point City "3D Printing Garden"

Harbour City "Chocolate Trail"