STEM Packages

香港政府近年大力推動STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics)教育,而3D打印可以說是發展STEM最重要的科技之一。為了切合不同的需要,各位校長或老師只要填妥及提交以下表格,我們的專業團隊便會為貴校設計最適合的組合,並會提供非常優惠的報價。

STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) is the major education development in Hong Kong in recent years and 3D printing is one of the most important technologies for STEM education. To get the best 3D printer package for your school, you can just fill in the form at the link below and our professional team will provide a proposal of excellent value to you.


Our Products

ZMorph Multi-Tool 3D Printer


A single fabrication machine capable of 3D printing, food printing, CNC and laser cutting/engraving

Liquid Crystal 3D Printer

採用最新Daylight Polymer Printing技術,以非常相宜的價格享有高度精細的打印質素

Powered by the advanced Daylight Polymer Printing technology. Produce highly detailed print quality with an affordable price

 Bocusini Pro 3.0 Food Printer

Bocusini®Pro 3.0食物打印機是一個完整的即插即用3D食品打印系統,讓同學在不同食材上發揮無盡創意!

Bocusini® Pro 3.0 Food Printer is an universal Plug & Play 3D food printing solution for the creative and personal creation of food.

Robo 3D Printer


Robo makes the most highly-rated and accessible consumer 3D printers, empowering anyone with an idea, a vision or purpose the tool needed to turn their passion into a physical reality — all via smart next-gen automation and an easy-to-use feature set that’s mobile integrated for quick control.

 CraftBot 3D Printer

3D Hubs用家評為2017最佳即插即用3D打印機,提供比同級機種龐大的打印體積。

Nominated as the Best Plug and Play 3D Printer 2017 by 3D Hubs users. Offer one of the largest build volume amongst competitor products

Micro 3D Printer

Micro 3D Printer 系列是真正設計給一般消費者使用的3D打印機,用家無需任何3D打印經驗,只需把打印機連接電腦,下載模型,按「Print」,便可正式投入3D打印帶來無盡可能的精彩世界!

The Micro 3D Printer series is a true consumer focus 3D printer product lines. You don’t need to have any prior experience or knowledge. Just connect the printer to a computer, load a model and hit “Print”, and then the magic of 3D printing begins.


STEM Package Examples

多功能數位製作 + 超精細3D打印

Multi-Tool Digital Fabrication + High Precision 3D Printing

Original Price: HK$71,540

STEM Package Price: HK$58,800 (save HK$12,740)


3D Printing Lab

Original Price: HK$32,950

STEM Package Price: HK$27,800 (save HK$5,150)