TEVO 3D Printer Kit


TEVO 3D Printer Kit系列是讓用家親自組裝的3D打印機模組套裝,用家可以透過組裝過程,深入了解3D打印機的操作原理。組裝完成後,用家得到的便是一部功能卓越,性價比高的3D打印機。

TEVO 3D Printer Kit series allow users to build a 3D printer by himself/herself. Throughout the building process, the user can learn a lot about how 3D printer works. After the build is completed, the reward will be a feature rich and high performance 3D printer at a highly affordable cost.


4 different models fitting every user's needs


TEVO Michelangelo 3D Printer (Fully Assembled)


TEVO Michelangelo 是一部機身小巧,功能強大的3D打印機,特別適用於家居、STEM教室或小型工作坊使用。跟其他TEVO組裝型號不同,Michelangelo是一部無需組裝,即插即用的3D打印機,即使是初學者也能輕鬆操作,發揮無限創意。

TEVO Michelangelo is a powerful but compact 3D printer and especially suitable for home, STEM classroom or small workshop use. Unlike other TEVO printer kits, Michelangelo is a full assembled and plug & play 3D printer. It can be easily operated by even beginners to unleash their full creativity